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Saturday, April 2, 2011
oh my lovelies
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Since i am leaving the country real soon,
my lovely girlfriends decided to spend some quality time with me,
therefore we went to Genting Highlands for 1 night.

no fairwell. because i will be back!

I meet them during my first year of high school at Seremban,
we used to sat together & gossip about others during class
& laugh so hard.

aww, such a fun times!

and then i went to United States the next year.

i don't even have the chance to say goodbye to them
because staying at New York and decide to study there is not in my original plan.

i was so thrilled, and really happy that we finally meet & have a little trip for ourselves.

Such memorable days!

Oh, Miki & Mova,
thanks for willing to take off from work & gave me such happy memories.
You gals always meant something to me, 
although we only meet 1 year.

(at Genting Highlands, First World hotel deluxe room)

say Hello :) to my galfriend, Miki Wong.
her berdayy was just one day before me!
& we born on the same year :P

oh my, she is truly an amazing girl.

she is now a cute and sexy mom with 2 children.

sound unbelievable? i know...
but she really was!

her babies just looked adorable like her.
she made me, want to have a kid too :D

but after she mentioned about all these painful gave-birth process,
ehhhhhhh i give up the idea ;(

Mova & Miki.

i wish we have a picture of three of us standing up together,
because our heights actually almost the same!

Ha :)
i think we're cute.

Sizzling chicken noodle at food court / RM13.00

after dinner,
 watched a funny HK movie called "men suddenly in love"
sooooo silly. LOLS

& later we did a little shopping.
three of us bought the same blazer at very cheap price, RM35!!
I spend like RM150 at cotton on shop, wtf ><"

later, we just walked around, 
and enjoyed some Mcdonald fries&coke.

oh my, we girls can really talk, don't we!

we talked non-stop, about everything, anything.
from bf, to men, to sex, to life, to work, to fashion, to everything!

Miki & Me :D

i love how we're so intimate in this photo & smile so happy :)

Mova & Me

Both of us wearing the new blazer we just bought at cotton on shop.

my gray cardigan / RM59
her blazer / RM35

bottom from my heart,
I really appreciate that these gal give me such a happy day.
it is been a while i didn't smile so big like this.

miss my gals already, xoxo.

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