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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
the loved one birth-day
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A dedicated post to my loved one, Astroboy ;')

he is turning the age of becoming adult.
the age of legally drinking at any bar or purchasing beer at store.

a new state id.
he is pretty excited.

& me too.

since i kinda top his birthday last year,
i really have no idea what to do to him this year.

so, i was thinking, a simple hand-made card may do the magic.

the night before his big day.

gather all the materials, such as colorful card,scissor,glue,photo print,etc.

&grab my cousin Keegan to helped me on some of the part.

watched some hand-made card tutorial online.

surprisingly, the card turned out so U-G-L-Y !?


it took me about 2-3 hours. 
ehh i admit, i am sucks at these hand-made things ;(

but, no worries.

because i know "he" will appreciate everything i tried to do for him.
the thought that really matter!

bought him a little gift.

a birthday dinner with his family,
then we both took the LIRR back to long island since the next day we got to go Baltimore.

while he stepped in to my aunt house, my sister,cousin,uncle and nephew shout out a birthday song to him.

ha! got him.
an ice-cream birthday cake made the day perfect.
full of laugh,joy and happiness in the house.

i hope he likes this little surprise we prepared.

thanks to my 2 wonderful awesome nephew for singing the birthday song with me ;D

happy birthday, astroboy.

& i love you ;)

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