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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
IKEA Brooklyn
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raining Saturday.

rain real heavy, a bit of thunderstorm.

rain boot, checked.

my boyfriend said:"who care about the stupid weather. we still going to Ikea!"
i answer, hmmm... okay dokey ><"

Water taxi free on saturday&sunday. Awesome!

Just take 4/5/6 train to Wall Street,
and walk all the way down to water taxi station.

Seriously thinking to bring these cute things home.

Ehh, i can't!

at least wait till i move to new york city first.

purple hoodie from boyfriend,
blame the nasty cold weather!

Hilarious. Ha :D

by the way, 
his 21st birthday reach soon within 3 hour!

those will be at my home soon. LOLS
no kidding.

he will be such a cute girl if he is actually a female.
don't think so?

wandering at the corner thinking what is next, for my room.

i need cash, i need sugar daddy :P

Ikea meatball always serve the best meatball in the town!

these 3 plate & 2 unlimited refill drink cost USD17.00 w/ tax

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