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Friday, April 22, 2011
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Helloooo New York City.

 I am back!

5 hour road-trip to Baltimore,Maryland is killing me.
my butt hurt so much ><"

more roadtrip in the future?
ehh let me think again. 

Oh Sakura Sakura, you are just beautiful as you sound!

in love with walking on the street while all the Sakura is blooming :)

but bad for the boyfriend because he have allergy. sucks.

The day in Baltimore is super warm and cheering.

Outfit ;
scarf - h&m
shoes -
blue inner dress - Urban Outfitters
outer navy blue baggy shirt - Topshop
bag - zara
sunglasses - rayban

Happily looking after boyfriend purchasing something for me in the store! ;D

wearing boyfriend military jacket while the weather is getting so cold around evening

it fits me perfectly. Ha

will post more photos next blog!

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