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Monday, April 11, 2011
back to town!
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Hellooooo there!
  less net-surfing for almost a week
i actually hate it for leaving my blog so boring & empty

wish for warmer days
so i can get on my cute dresses and take a lots more photos!

so now... what is new for me?

it is a fresh new start,new me with the BIG APPLE city :D

new hairstyle.
i still can't believed i have the gut to cut my lovely long hair,
and end up with this short hair!

and, dark hair color :(

to be honest, i hate this hairstyle!

now i finally realize, short hair is definitely a no-no for me.
& never will i try dark/black hair color too!

i hope that one day soon, i can get use to this hairstyle and stop complaining about it.

oh street fair!

oh new york city, 
only i know how much I'm enjoying walking on the street and feeling good.

back to my lover's arm. 
nomore long distance relationship, nomore skype, nomore missing him like crazy.

oh, looking at his smiley little tiny eyes,
you now can tell how much he been missing me like crazy and fall in love with this fine lady  

welcome back, Kirby G.

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