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Saturday, March 12, 2011
Trinidad, last year 2010!!!
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My very first trip to Trinidad.
happened last year, January 2011*

Why will i blog about something so long time ago?

This afternoon,
me&astroboy were skype-ing,
& we mentioned about how he used to stalked my blog when we first meet.

& then he said :" you forgot to blog about Trinidad."
I am like: "really? i thought i did! why're you so sure?"
he answer:"Go scroll down your achieve button on the blog, then you will see. You said you will blog about it, but then you never really did."
Then i did what he told me.
Okay, it is true.

This is the proof , click here & you will see.
The fourth post of January 2011.


then i promised him I will blog again about this trip.
& here i did :)

this post will be super long & truckload of photos.
because i put 5 day's trip photos into this 1 post.

so lets the winter getaway trip begin.

oh... actually, this is me&astroboy very first trip together.
But, we weren't dating yet.
We were just friends by that time.

& this is when i began to realized how much he really likes me :P
and... he actually so nerdy & cute!

4am in the morning & we're at JFK airport waiting to departure.

In case if you don't know where is Trinidad.
It is actually somewhere at Caribbean.

I think the flight is around 5 hour, from New york.

Arrived Trinidad's airport.

it looks more like a train station to me :D

Actually, Trinidad wasn't really a rich state.

So when i arrive Astroboy's crib, I was shocked.

i thought i will be living at the mountain with the little house like i saw on the street.

So p-r-e-t-t-y!
Seriously, look at it!
This is what i mean i was shocked.

This is the entrance/guard.

Taxi driver with his very old vintage car. Ha :D
I think..i think the ride cost $25 usd.

It is like a small society's clubhouse.

coconut tree & white houses. Oh so perfect!

Uber duper pretty houses around.

spot number 14?
Yups, that is Astroboy's crib :)
lols, correctly to be said. it is his parent's crib.

It reminds me of Greece.
The signature white houses on the sea. Gorgeous i must say!

House tour begins with this cute lovely living room :)

My favorite noon nap's.

Kitchen is there.

Another living room along the kitchen.
but, no TV here.
perhaps, only a chilling spot for friends to come over and have some beer talk.

Second floor,
this is the room i stayed at during the trip.

A balcony with a street view.

after unpack our luggage.

We walked to a nearest and only shopping mall for a walk.

& have KFC.

I think we have KFC like 3 days in a row during the trip = ="

later, walked to a supermarket near the mall to purchased some beer :D

The red bottle one is like a soda drink.
sweet & tasty ^^

So, first night of Trinidad.
We went to the swimming pool, bring along the drinks & pillow.
& some talks.

Oh such a relaxing night :)

I only drank smirnoff ice.

Either the second day or third.

Mr.Bernard (Astroboy's dad) have a day off.
& there is a beach-house party we have to go.

a 1 hour ride through the mountain before arrive the beach.

Stop here for couple minutes so we can take a look on the awesome view.

Oh, we're a year younger back then!


Entering the house packed with people already.

I likes the grandma in sexy bikini suit :D
She is so kind and cute.

oh my oh my.
I loves this place. like, seriously, what is not to loves!
It is like a paradise to me.

ugh astroboy, can we come here every single year?

i know you don't really likes Trinidad that much,
but....this place is so beautiful.
so, please please please we have to come back for vacation once a year!

i know you will , for me :)

Oh, exactly like a travel magazine!
sun, beach and coconut tree :P

back to the beach house ..

Spot the cute yellow house with balloon?

All of us walked to the beach.

A secret entrance =P

& here we come!

a hidden beautiful paradise beach ^^

Put down our stuff & all of us ran to the water immediately!

I didn't dare to take a little adventure there.
a bit scary ehh

this place is such a peaceful hidden gem :)

Ha. Why're you so smiling so happily holding that coconut shell?

the kids searching for tiny crabs.

& playing with the coconut tree.
ehh i wanna give it a try too.
but i might break the tree if i go up ><"
my favorite day at Trinidad so far.

yes, you're a dork :O

& i am adorable. Ha ^^

later in the afternoon,
walked back to the beach house for lunch.

burger with steak & some fries and green salad.

the best dining spot i ever have!
while the adults were talking and eating down at beach house,
me&astroboy enjoying our lunch at this kid's swimming pool.

Oh my. Oh amazing ^o^

bleh... silly kirby g

& then both of us walking down this secret path see if we can reach the beach too.

& we went upstairs

& this is the private beach view :)

Ha. we both look so dumb back then

everyone's favorite - Emily, in green shirt.

such a perfect beach house for vacation use.

everyone is leaving, well we too.

saying goodbye,
and hopefully we all shall meet soon.

The next day.

Mr.Bernard drove us up to the mountain so we can view the city in a clearer point.

Hello Trinidad.

Astroboy & his dad.

& later.
He stop at the street side.

I wonder, why?

Oh for this!
Oh my favorite coconut stall :)

Astroboy got shaved ice & i got coconut.

ehhh... the coconut water wasn't sweet at all :(

later, to another attraction, the harbor.

windy & the smell of salt.

went home for a nap.
then he brought us here at evening.

so peaceful.

the only people & couple there. lols

Mr.Bernard's cooking.
He always cooked dinner for us.
Thoughtful, yet delicious!

Next morning.

I do look super thin in this photo,
simply because i am using super wide angle's lens.
not that i really was this skinny in real life ><"
He burned the egg & I of cause cooked a perfect egg ^^

walking to the mall under the hot weather again

you can barely find a well-known store in Trinidad's mall
the only brand/store i can found here is CONVERSE shoes store.

shopping at supermarket & got us a refreshing ice-cream to cool us down

whooo yay. Time for evening swimming!

the best thing ever in this vacation.

& i brought along my pink NDS for Super Mario game :D

oh wah astroboy got "six pack" here = ="
oh perhaps it was just fats?

The next day.
went to work with Mr.Bernard,
so he can drive us to movie theater at noon break.

He is a house constructor.

He& his coworker is on a progress building these 2 white houses.

They are huge.

Walking upstairs, so bored & just looking around.

Look like a little village in Malaysia, isn't it?

& meet this lazy cool dog named "Bruno" :)

hmmmm, i likes u in tan skin tone, alots more.

Ha xD
lazy "Bruno" even posed for the camera :D

I still remembered we went to watch Jackie Chan "Spy kids next door" later that day

A view from second floor.
Another houses build by other people.

This photo came out so awesome.
i guarantee, no photo-shop at all!

i started to miss my super wide angle's len.
maybe i shouldn't sold it at first place :(

ehh whatever. i don't really need it tho

the last day.

went for a evening walk around the cool neighborhood.

loves evening walk :)
we basically talked &laugh about everything.

I still remembered you piggy-ride me home ^^

another cool thing of evening walk was checking out the neighbor's houses.


so many different unique design.

the last night's supper.

Having a barbecue night @ the backyard
with couple of Mr.Bernard's friends and relatives.

Oh yummy barbecue steaks and grill shrimppppppppppppp!
Spicy for the adult & non-spicy for the kids.

& of cause must-have homemade garlic break too!

My favorite person i meet during the trip.
Benjamin & Christian ^^
oh Benjamin is for sure a lady-killer!

Such a perfect & lovely night to end my trip.

Memorable & unforgettable.
Of cause, enjoyable too!

thanks astroboy :)

I still think this is the best trip we got so far.
well Baltimore is second.
& Trinidad last year was third.

wait.... what about San Francisco?

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