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Friday, March 18, 2011
sing a birthday song to u!
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Dear my only&beloved older brother,
Happy 30th birthday,
selamat hari jadi & 生日快乐! 

you're sometimes just like dad&mom.

nag like papa g,
brag like mama g.
Ha xD

i likes how you can take a good care of yourself, & us the family now.

you're like a real man, in a house now.

i admire you attitude at work.

i hopes you can do so well in your future/marriage &amp; business :')

because i love you so.

my very first time, actually,
celebrating berday with you this year.

nothing fancy,
but my true heart really wish you can have the widest happiest moment tonight.

secretly placing this berday present in front of you room this morning 
so when you open the door,
you will see my sincere gift ;')

when you try it on,
the shoes was a bit too lose&big on you

i am like,"ughh holy sxxt!"

but then, you said, never mind.
you said you will just tighten the shoe-lace

aww ^^

your favorite, a Tiramisu cake (from secret recipe)

make a wish, & i wish all your wishes shall come true! ^^

i just hope i can witness both of you at the marriage register ceremony.


i don't think i can is it?

well anyways 
as long as you guy keep the happiness/sweetness between each other like now,
i will be so happy.

we even go upstair & bring the nephew down :)
because they are a serious cake-blow-candle's fans!

actually, my favorite photos of the night too!

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