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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
oh chatime
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Second day.

since my brother & his gf went to China to restock some new clothes for his store
me& mama g agreed to helped him to take care the store for a week.

Ugh super bored ;'/

temporary "BOSS" of the week!
Whoooooo ><"

Days in Malaysia are so make-up free.

I start to enjoy wearing NO-MAKE UP everyday now ^^
I likey.

ehh, still hoping those ugly acne scar will go away asap.

Oh thanks papa g.
you save my day.

Just when i craved for bubble tea so badly in the store,
my papa came back with my favorite chatime's drink!

It is Hawaiian Fruit Tea / RM6.90.

New addiction starting this post,
which is using toycamera*
loving these vintage/sepia/fake lomo picture effect!

oh, such a creative piece of work. oh favorite.

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