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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
my collection
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new blog-skin layout.
like it?

right/side bar/photo bar are click able (do try),
it will link you to my profile,archive,friends link,chatbox
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i'll still try for more new layout because i still haven't meet my mr.perfect blogskin yet ;D

hoping to add more&more crew-star to my camera collection.
they're my love :)

left - a vintage film canon camera from my friend
holding this vintage film cam is just feeling special, yet so different.
only if i know how to function it,
it sure will be my everyday street snapshot toy.

& nowadays, film is just too expensive to play with.

right - a fisheye lomography camera
remembered a couple years ago where everyone actually own one of this fisheye photos
just so cool. i mean the fisheye effect.

middle - the smallest camera you ever see?
Ha. of cause it is not really a real camera.
it just a toy. actually, it is a girl's jewelry.

i got this as one of the birthday gift from my lovely gal named cyndi*

she know i am a photography lover.

a gift with thoughts&love, is what always kept in my heart :)