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Sunday, March 13, 2011
mission failed
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Not a good week/day ever since of what happened at Japan & other areas.


Supposedly will go hair salon for some trim and hair dye session today.

My room and bed is too comfy that I don't even wanna leave them behind.
& skyping with Astroboy is too!

Since i still have a couple unused hair-dye products,
so i decide to do it on myself.

Bought it at New York, Chinatown // cost $16 USD.

These are what included.
a plastic glove . an instruction paper. two bottle of ingredient.

& then you mix container 1 into container 2.
and gently move up-side-down so the liquid can blend in together.

Then wear your gloves,
put lotion around your neck
and shampoo your hair with the liquid.

Waited for 20-30 minutes, and you can wash it off!

very simple.

While waiting,
I made myself a roasted beef instant noodle.

i hate the taste.

Also, handmade some fresh squeeze ice lemon :)
& a piece of Tiramisu bought by yoke.

Oh Sunday ^^