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Monday, March 28, 2011
just pictures
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good afternoooooon!

oh, so hot.
Malaysia is such a "summer" country.

oh i remembered how i loves to take a walk or a tour all over New York City during spring/ fall.

can't wait to put on my most colorful shirt/dress & go on a date with my lover :D

by just imagine those scenes made my depression go away.
oh thanks god!

below were just couple snapshots i took today.

shining like a bright star, i wish my life could entirely fill with sparkling too

spot the middle age male in green shirt?

he is a great cook.
i always order my favorite soup & spicy chicken from him.

i always have respect for those who work so hard trying to make a living
they deserve better.

green leaf, pink short, yellow shirt.
so colorful, so spring, so hot.

a street stall selling fruits.

in Malaysia, street stall selling different kind of foods is all over the corner

mostly, housewife homemade their specialty and trying to make a living, as i mentioned.

their foods, always so tasty!

another street stall, selling mostly fried foods

bought these fried round ball, stuff with peanut butter
each cost RM0.90

people were buying cheap lunch.
selling fried rice, noodle, tofu, egg and others.

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