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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
just foods
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such a hectic day!  :(

truckload of work duty
working non-stop the entire noon
 my finger were absolute sore now
ughh :/
& don't even try to mention my leg
they're in pain! 

Kirby G's quote
& eat even harder!

i always, never forget to treat myself something delicious for my tummy,
if i know my body will working so hard like a slave.

foods makes my day, a better one :)

noon's snack - RM2.30
stuff with my favorite meat, cucumber, chili sauce & one thing i don't know what it called in English.

it is, really, yummmmmy!

it is like a "power up" snack to give me energy to continue my truckload of work.

dinner - curry noodle (bought from pasar malam)

for reasonable price - RM4.50
this is beyond expectation.

the spiciness, the flavorful curry soup, & many ingredients, 
such as tofu puff, siham, chicken, pickles and other.

now i know what to get every time I visit pandan jaya's pasar malam :D

after dinner's snack - soy milk longan pudding / RM1.20

such a right dessert after a spicy dinner!

& just now, enjoying my midnight snack
yummylicious chocolate sprinkle cake :)

. satisfied,
and ready to say goodnight to my astroboy & have a sweet dream xD

hopefully tomorrow is an easy day!

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