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Saturday, March 19, 2011
just foods
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days is been wasted. feeling blank in life now.

hopefully, after 2 weeks, my life is no longer black&white.

blah blah blah


when I am doing nothing, 
foods is what give me a little bit of excitement to work thru the day.

i can eat non-stop.

well, it have to be after couple hours tho.

i have a really small appetite.
but i get hungry real quick :D

so, lets see what i've been eating the day before yesterday.

spicy chicken with white rice / RM7.00
& soup / RM3.00

evenin snack
3 scoop of mix icecream / RM1.20

& dinner with friends at Kuchai Lama 

Shabu Shabu Buffet / RM31.80 per person

take anything you want from the rotating shelf,
different kind of fish-balls, meats, vegetables, squid & many mores.

& order crab and pork from the kitchen.
of cause, unlimited serve!

WARNING: crab taste real bad ><"

 Oh satisfied!
not with the price tho
cuz we ain't eat that much.

a tummy full of yummy. oh yea  :)