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Thursday, March 24, 2011
dinner in the sky!
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saw this post on the net, 
and the first thing come out of my mouth is :"WHAT T F!?"

i mean, gosh, seriously... omfg >_<"

for those who always say the sky is off limit,
now i truly believe.

this is just so extravagant, and ... out of the box.

 even a piano on the sky playing the music!

i heard the food is really delicious!
dinner even serve at night, in the sky too!

visit here if you wanna know more about it :D
besides dinner, they even have marriage, meeting & showbiz on the sky too.

actually, i think it is a bit scary for those who like me,
who have phobia about heights.

seriously, i will freak out.
 but... i still wanna try :D

so readers & people who're interest,
are you dare to put yourself so high yet?