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Friday, March 4, 2011
Dear Astroboy
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Currently// blogging at the same time with Astroboy ^^

Dear my boyfriend,

As i promised,
i won't break up with you within a year.
so, don't be afraid or worry.

Although i have some depression couple days ago,
it is gone now.

I know it makes you worries a lots,
you try so hard to cheer me up,
& be so patient to my rude attitude.

I am sorry.

Gals are just simply unpredictable :D

The :one month: living together, was unforgettable.

you ask every single day,
: do i miss you?
i answer, hmmmm a little.

you tell me every single day,
: i miss you so so so much.

you whisper in my ear every single night,
: i love you, kirby g.

you were my eyes when i couldn't see,
you were my ear when i couldn't hear,
Because you loved me,

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