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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Shopping spreee whooo!
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Wear something simple and headed out for lunch with parent.

Such a bad hair day ;(

Papa G wanna go to Pavilions food-court for lunch.
I am like yay! :D so i can shop Ha :)

It is sunday.
that is why everywhere or most shopping mall were packed with people!

I miss Thai food, haven't had it since i came back from New York.

So, of cause this is my choice for the first meal of the day.

Tom Yum Prawn with noodle, RM9.50

Oh my. The savory taste of the soup is so tempting!
The best one i have so far in Malaysia.

Durian Cendol Ice, RM4.50

I always prefer cendol over abc ice :D

Plain white top : Forever 21
Pant : Zara
Shoes : Urban Outfitters
Bag : Michael Kors

Camera: Canon 550d with Tamron 17-50mm lens :)

& later, shop around.

First destination - Forever 21

Obsessed with cute jewelry lately :P

Found a cute white lace skirt!
But doesn't have my size :(

Still pondering... cost RM59.99
I do love the floral detail :)

maybe i will go next time & buy it if i likes it enough.

I bought this a-bit vintage huge earring, RM25

& bought this adorable light pink&pearl necklace, RM39.99

Chinese New Year's theme is all around!

So red & festive. I likey :D

Walking & window displaying.

Hey Astroboy,
this is the men bag i said it was so nice :)

& spot this cute flat bow shoes at MNG by Mango.
Wanna get it, but it cost RM179 ><"

I need a job first, before the cash go into my pocket.

Always, before i left the mall.
Went chat-time for some bubble tea takeout!

This minute, the day was so sunny and nice.

Next minute, it rain heavily all of a sudden.
Gloomy evening = ="

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