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Monday, February 14, 2011
Happy vday!
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Oh my sweet oh lord valentines day!

Just thought i will have a day filled with a lots of sad faces and down mood,
magic happened,
my vday end-up with loads of perfect smiles :)

oh, i must say.
thanks god! :D
especially, thanks you ^^

As I mentioned before in my FB status,
my parents is my valentines this year.

Because I'm having this difficult long distance relationship,
& so my boyfriend is all the way at New York City :'(

Therefore, a lonely Valentines is what i knew it will be happened.

Went to watched HK movie with families at night.

Before entering the movie theater,
a random guy called my phone,
& ask me for direction to get to my house.
He claimed he is a delivery guy.
I am like:" who is that!?"

So, after we finished movie.

I can't wait to rush home & see what is there waiting for me.

Entering the house, i actually immediately run to my room.
& i saw flower lying on my bed.

Oh sweet my!

The flower is so beautiful.

Never have I got white roses before too.
&wrapping with my favorite purple paper.

Oh lucky he remembered it :)

Oh My.

I actually really really really loves the flower.

This is the magic flower that turn my sad face literally to a super happy mood.

Also, today meant a lots to me, & my brother.

My brother gf decide to marry my brother!
Oh gosh! :)

So we went jewelry store to bought engagement ring.

So pretty! Aw :)

24 roses from my beloved boyfriend,
& engagement ring from my brother .

Congratulations! :D

This is what made my Valentines day even more special!

I really am,
appreciated so much so much to have people that loves me& i loves,
that always treat me so precious, like a gem.

I am so scare that one day,
what if I will lose all those loves.
I really am.

I wish this can be forever, and ever.