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Friday, February 11, 2011
Hapi Bday Ka
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Dear BB Ka,

A Super Happy Blast Birthday!!!

Just want to let you know,
although i am not there to celebrate your birthday,
but my heart always remembered the days& memories we've shared.

of cause, i miss u :'(

& actually really really want to re-do the happiest birthday you've before.
You told us, it was your most memorable birthday.
I was so happy inside while i heard it :P

I still remembered i spend 3&more hours to made this card for you.

Never have I ever self-made something so adorable like this.

It wasn't pretty at all,
but my heart is what matters :')

I still remembered how pretty you looked that night.
& how cute the birthday fortune cake was!

&four of us at a fancy restaurant that i choose particularly for your birthday.

Our face,our hair, our look. We all changed.
But, three of us still close to each other,
may i say... actually even closer than ever!

This year, without me,
I hope your loved one and great friends will do the same job and make you so happy that you can't stop smile ^^

Also, i misses our outing days!

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