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Thursday, February 24, 2011
Dear Dad
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Dear my beloved&only Papa G,

- Feb 27th -
Happy Happy Birthday!

I'm glad i have the chance to spend birthday with you almost every year :)

A million billion appreciation in my heart,
i wanna say thanks you.

Thanks for loving and caring so much about me, always&all the time,
Thanks for spoil & treat me like a princess,
Thanks for helping us with full support, each one of the family member thru everything,
Thanks for everything.

Being your's daddy little girl is one of the most wonderful job i ever enjoy.

I love you, will, always and forever ^^

Since i got you the wrong size's shirt last time at Genting,
i decided to get you another gift.

A birthday boy, gotta have one birthday gift.
This is a must! :D

Saw this cute gift box in Parkson
and i said to myself, this is the one!

So, i bought this gift set as a birthday gift to my dad :)

Hope you likes it :P

Also, i write a birthday card.

Actually, more of a "Letter to Dad"

Since my new york trip last month,
argument&unhappiness just happened between us.

I felt sad.

There are so many thing i want to tell you.

I put those thoughts into word, on the card.

I hope you will understand me,
&support me with all your heart with every decision i make.

Also, some important family portrait print out too! ;')

I hope family&me can always make you a happy old man,
no matter what happen now or in the future.