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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
crappy tuesday
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Been busy-ing going back&forth hospital over these days.
Thanks God my beloved grandma is doing so fine & i really proud of her :)

After a knee surgery couple months ago,
my grandma is having another heart surgery last night.

Her heartbeat is not doing well like we are,
therefore the doctor have to place a heartbeat controller in her body to make sure her heartbeat go normal&well.

After a 2hour surgery,
she comes out awake and energetic still!

that made me so touch and happy! xP

popo, you're the bravest and greatest!
i love you, xoxo :)

..? ehh..

My white valentine roses actually turning into chocolate color now!
so weird!
but still smell damn good :)

Astroboy knew I have a interview to prepare today,
he secretly draw me this "goodluck" & post at his blog trying to surprise me.
what a pleasant little gift! :)

only him know how frustrated and nervous i get whenever it comes to interview.
& this little drawing rocks! ha :D

thanks for comforting& cheers me up all the way today
& still being god damn nice to me while i am being mean to you.

I really really am sorry :'(

thanks you my dear boyfriend ^^

i do know how much you loves me.
you tell me every single time, every day.