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Sunday, February 6, 2011
CNY at village
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Went back to my village the next day i arrived Malaysia.

Promised grandma&father I'll be back for Chinese New Year,
and i am glad i did it.

I love to make my grandma happy,
her smile worth everything to me :)

Second & Older brother's car. We're back! :D

Yay! Grandma bought us fresh coconut :)
so yummylicious!

Oh. We still have a lots more CNY 's snacks and drinks!
This is just small part of it.

Second brother even brought back the little bicycle for his kids :P

But, oh well,
they love riding on motorcycle!

The only red short i have in entire closet.
Dressed up for Chinese New Year Eve' s dinner.

Oh my adorable Grandma Gee :)
Since the knee surgery 3 months ago,
she can walk like a rock star now!

Always, nothing is really changing.
This street always have red lantern hanging up there,
welcoming my favorite days.

Although I haven't came back to celebrate CNY for couple years already,
but i can always remember this image, the road&the red lantern,
always appear in my memory.

The stage that just build is for elder aunt/uncle of the village to sing& dance later.

My family & dinner.

As i say, nothing really changed.

We always will reserve a table for dinner at the only restaurant in village during CNY.

It is not some fancy restaurant with air conditioner.
But, nobody really cares.
I still love this place where i grew up perfectly!

The next morning.
woke up, have a nice breakfast & patiently waiting for lion dance :)

At noon, the lion dance is here at our house! :D

Know what is that? :P

Done. & lion dance move to the next house.

Grandma, please please stay with us forever & ever.
I will try my best to visit you as many as possible :)

Family portrait.

Still missing my dear sister&sister in law&her kids.
And some uncle & aunt too!

I wish all of you guys a health, happiness, and prosperity new year!!

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