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Thursday, February 17, 2011
as i promised
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As i promised to u,
i will blog something that can actually make u smile :)
& this blog post better work its magic!

I just wanna let you see my instance expression while i saw the flower sent by you on vday.

They are stunning and so beautiful.
The fresh water drop still stay on the flower while i saw it,
at first, i thought it was a fake flowers, until i touched it.

24 white roses with purple lavender, just simply gorgeous!

I'm pretty sure this photo will give you a smile on the face!

It was us eating chin's noodle creation at midnight 2am after watching couple glee episodes.

He cooked, he clean, he washed dishes.

Potential to be Kirby G's best husband. Ha jks.

& Goodluck on tmr phone interview :)

by your girlfriend ^^

xoxo, she misses you a lots too.

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