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Saturday, January 15, 2011
snow & freezing!
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I am tired of blogging about San Francisco,
so lets take a break & blog about something white :)

New York City was super duper cold&freezing since came till now!

Even i have ear muff, gloves and scarf& boot,
My cape still can't even kept me warm :(
I so need a heavier coat.

So, couple days. NYC snow again =/
The next day, went out for some Chinese food take-out,
so i took my camera along & snap some photos.

If you think snow is so fairytale, beautiful and romantic.
Stop! and think again.

Because it is so not the true.

Oh well, it might be the most breath-taking scene I ever saw while it snow.

BUT. after snow. IT SUCKS!

The street is so dirty and nasty,
the snow is not longer white, but black!
and a lots more negative reasons.

Oh well. I wish for more&more sunny days now.

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