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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
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Last weekend,
spend some quality time with my family/sister/cousin/nephew at Long Island,
at aunt' house.

& drive one hour to Pennsylvania to SKI!

This is Mountain Peter, at Pennsylvania,
located right next to Woodbury Outlet Center.

Total of 9 of my families, including Astroboy too :P

Keegan, my cousin.

Harrison Xu, my cutest nephew :)

The cafeteria to keep you warm.
But, no ski or snowboard equipment inside.

My ski skill sucks!

Wonder if there ever be one day i can get on those snowboard!
Nah.. I don't think so.

Most of the time,
i stayed at Beginner Area.
Ehh, i don't even have the guts to go on others.

Astroboy forced and pull me to get my ass on the ski chair to go to a higher mountain

I think i fell down like 20times in total!

Word. Pain the ass!

Yet, super adventurous and fun!!!

Jonathan Xu,
his first time skiing.
He fell in love with it!
next time, i wanna bring you on ski chair too!