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Thursday, January 13, 2011
San Francisco, day 2
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A good sleep matter.

After, hmm.. probably 10hr sleep on an amazing bed,
we're so ready for some guide tour and aquarium!

Day 2, Outfit of the day.

top - from Topshop,
short- from Hollister,
legging - from Urban Outfitters.

I got the legging during the sale, 2 for $20.
Both were roses pattern. Aw :)

i break some tiny holes on my legging after 1hr i wore it.
wtf ;(

Last night, we saw IHOP just right next to our hotel.
& we said to ourself, we MUST come here for breakfast the next morning!!

That is what get me super excited the moment i got up.
Ha xD

Asian/Chinese is everywhere at SF,
nice&kind Chinese lady worked as a manager at IHOP.
This make me likes the city even more. Ha.

Hot chocolate with marshmallow on top is a must to against the cold weather :)

so sweet! ehhh..

My ultimate breakfast combo $8.99
included bacon, sausage, egg & tasty harsh brown.

what is so good about IHOP?
because they offer unlimited pancakessssssss!!
as much as u want it. hell yes.

My breakfast combo is so much&meaty,
my stomach can't even take one slice of pancake. wtf ;(

Astroboy's ham, egg & harsh brown.

Ham is so thick, yet tasty :)

Gooooodmorning, Pacman's lover :)

Thumbs up for my awesome breakfast session :D

Awww, this tee is super adorable!
please say yes, it is..

I bought this tee as a souvenir for him while i traveled at Thailand, Bangkok.
only RM30.. which is $10 dollar in USD.

two love birds, picture of the day.

Staring at these photos always give me a sparkling smile :)

We smile alike now! wtf?

After breakfast, we take a walk around the pier again.
because we sign up for a tour guide,
lols of cause it is not free

everytime i saw those cute little stand, i will say:"awww how cute!"

On the tour guide bus called "Hop On Hop Off" for 1 hour

while waiting for the drive ..
we're bored so this is what we did. lols
look at the left photo. So hilarious! hahahs

Our current favorite shoes.
His bass & my Debenhams :)

& i double legging.
that is why my legging look likes black color now

Oh my cable car, how vintage & adorable!

Passed by Chinatown.
Look exactly like New York City's Chinatown!

This is "Little Italy"
Many Italian restaurant, and vintage store.

After 1hr tour bus, we took taxi to "The Golden Park"
a really huge park!

So pretty there :)

This is why we're here.
for "California Science Academy Center"!

what is that?
It have aquarium, planetarium and rain-forest.

The entrance, reminds me of NYC Natural History Museum.

Ohh cool ^^

Everyone took photos with him, so i wanna do it too. lols

Lucky it wasn't a real one,
i will be freaking scare to death = ="

Every time I'm at aquarium, i act like a kid.
Oh well, actually i always acted like one. = ="

Astroboy said he loves this shoot, because i looked so happy :)

On the line waiting to go into the planetarium room for a cool show.

I tried so hard to copy his pose.
Totally failed ><"
because he have so much more wrinkles that i don't have!
Ha :D

The Rainforest room.
Unfortunately, it is under routine maintenance.
so, it is closed for temporarily moment.

So hungry. So we decided to go cafe for a quick snack before visiting aquarium.

My snack.
Toasted garlic bread, apple and izze grapefruit's sparkling water :)

After quick snack.
Astroboy keep pulling my hand and said:"Babe, i wanna show you something."

i was like, what is so fun to look at here?

But then, i am like.. why is it so many people at the front session?

Oh~~ it is my favorite awesome penguin!!!
awww so cute the little penguin is the cutest!

The lady was feeding them fishes.

Then we saw this part.
A real starfish or something else for you to actually touch and feel it.

I am so scare at first..

anyways, their skin/shell is so hard, like a rock.

Since i watched the movie "Piranha"
it is about a kind of fish that actually eat people.

So then we're busying to find and see how it really looks like from the tank.

Those cute colorful fishes are just so attractive and charming.

Aquarium is love :)

Then we ran to the living roof for a quick view.
Then we gotta leave, because the academy center close soon.

Lovely! ^^

Wanted to go The Japanese Tea Garden,
but it's too late :(

Silly us ^_*

Waiting for the N Train to go Union Square,
which is the area where most of the shopping store located at.

This is a train!?

I thought it was a bus.
Obviously i was wrong.

It look exactly like a bus!

Fare for adult is $2.00

The train run on ground, and go underground too.

Even the train station is so much clean than NYC.

This is Union Square, at night.

Reminds me of 5th ave.

It is just so beautiful.
The street lighting, the vintage building, and the cable car or bus.

So, this is a bus, train or street car?
I am confused too.
They're all using cable wire.
but who cares. I likes all of those ^^

My favorite shoot of the day.
This is a very charming city.

We're going to the mall.

Cool escalator!

This is a fancy shopping mall!

Headed to the food court & and guess what we bought again.

Clam Chowderrrrr again! haha
It taste so good, we're addicted to it.

After that, we did a little shopping.
I bought him a Zara shoes,
& he bought me a backpack bag.
They're on sale!

Oh my favorite frozen yogurt with lychee flavor bubble!

He loves those bubble so much he don't even wanna waste a sip of it.

We're still too full because of the clam chowder,
so we decided to buy some foods and enjoy it back to our room and watching movie :)

I bought chicken Ceasar salad,
he bought tuna sushi and fried dumpling.
also, i bought two beard papa's puff for dessert :D

Juices and some beer too.

Oh yea, and champagne too!

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