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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
San Francisco, day 1
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Arrived at San Francisco around 2pm midnight.

So sleepy!

Reached Sheraton Fisherman Wharf Hotel
&our room is at level 3.

Nice! Love the blue&white theme wallpaper,
so beach's mood.

This hotel cost us around $70 per night.

Sheraton have amazing bed!
After last year Baltimore's trip, i am in love with their super comfy bed.

The next morning after a power sleep on an amazing bed.
We're ready to discover the city of charm!

yeah.... picture of each day, of us.
this is a must :D

Outside of Sheraton Hotel.
Weather is looking & feeling nice here compare to NYC.

New bag, whooo yay :D
$68 from Urban Outfitters
Just have this obsession with cute backpack bag recently,
so i got myself one :)

Of cause, map & direction is a must for tourist, like us.

To be frankly, San Francisco is very easy to get around.

Found this cafe around the pier, it is called "Boudin Cafe"

& decided to have brunch here, because they have my favorite soup.

Sourdough is everywhere here.

New England Clam Chowder in sourdough, cost $7.50.

Awwwww. Clam chowder is my love. So tasty!

Crab cake sandwich, $8.50
Astroboy's favorite.

After brunch, walked around the pier.

" The sky is so blue, the water is calming & the bird is so freedom "
- by Kirby G.


set up tripod, and take our first shoot together ;)

The blue sky & us smiling happily.
I remembered how he used to piggyback-ride me every single night at Trinidad.

Perhaps, i need to lose some weight,
and he need to gain more muscle.
So he can piggyback-ride me for a longer journey :)

One of the famous attraction - Fisherman Wharf.

& famous cute cable car!!

I am a tourist.
Therefore, photo with this famous attraction is a must ^^

Damn. I can't believe this silly boy paid $1 for this fortune teller machine.
Ha xD

Oh my adorable cable car :)

Walk & Walk. & we found this cute icecream store.
It is cold. But who cares. We want a icecream now!

Silly Astroboy recommend this tasty Halo Halo shave ice,
which is a Phillipine dessert.

Coconut milk, red bean, jelly, shave ice and mango icecream on top.

Wow, it is incredibly delicious!

& such a cute and nice uncle working there :)
Astroboy adore and likes him so much,
so we promised him we'll go there everyday.

Oh well. We didn't ;'(
because we're too busy walking around and visit others places.

Icecream uncle gives us a great shoot, in front of his icecream store.

Oh yea. Phibbie&Julia, i do agree with you guys.
This is such a nice photo which seriously can be a poster or something.
Ha :D

One of the exciting and fun tour, cost $17 per person.

People line up for one of the famous tour- cable car*

this park is so peaceful.

Candy powder on my right hand,
halo halo icecream on my left hand.

I am the most happiest girl at that moment,
it felt like i am back to the childhood.

Chirardelli's chocolate cafe and store is everywhere at SF too.
I think SF is the only city.

Gosh. SF's houses is so cute.
Almost every houses is different, unique, and super cute.

This looks like a exciting tree house to me!

I love this tree! it looks like a "Rambutan" tree to me :P

Seafood stand is everywhere around pier 43.
I saw crab, and i shout:"i want it!"

It is called Dungeness Crab. I might spell it wrong LOLS

This entire crab cost around $8.25
&they will offer you cocktail sauce and lemon.

Sheraton provide this coal-heat thingy just outside the hotel.
for those travelers who felt cold,
so they can hang around here for a while and get warm.

Headed back to my amazing bed for a short nap :D

2hours later.
Woke up and walked about 6-10 blocks to Chinatown, for dinner.

Astroboy likes this restaurant alots = ="
because it feel like a family gathering restaurant.

His happy signature pose ><" because he got his favorite soup. lols
3 dishes, soup and big bowl of rice only cost $19.99
and then i ordered one extra veggie dishes

it is too much. We really can't finished those ;(

This is part of the Chinatown.

If you wanna see more photos, click on my Facebook's album :)

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