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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Man with patience
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Tonight,right now. It snow again :D

so, we decide to try to make/bake my favorite macaroons for night snack.

We already bought the almond meal,sugar,color gel,pine bag in the afternoon.

so, our first baking lesson begin tonight!

(ehhh, please ignore his topless body = =")

He cooked, & now he learn to bake.
just because i loves macaroons.

This man is willing to do everything just to makes me happy.
he is simply "the man", in my dictionary.

A man who will learn and do things for the girl he loves,
is a charm star.

starting with the egg, & mixing sugar& almond meal together.
ehhhh i shall say,
baking is totally not fun. LOLS

While Astroboy is doing all the work,
I am sitting with my laptop,
editing San Francisco's truckload photos.

Sometimes, i feel bad, i feel guilty...
Then I'll decide to help him and do the mixing work together.

Because, if this is our first baking journey,
we have to do things together.

thanks you,
for never complaining about my lazi-ness ;(

I found this photo really hearty.

We're soooo silly,
every size of those is totally different than each other.

It smell so good from the oven.

We couldn't resist so then we take a look at the oven.

OMFG = ="

what are those!?

I thought we're baking macaroons?

ehhh but it looks like cookies to me!

but oh wow it smell like macaroon tho.. hahas

Fill some raspberry jam between those.

It doesn't look like macaroons at all. I know. He knows.

& whatever. we don't care! :D

Make some hot tea,
and we got a plate of fake macaroon-cookies for ourselves tonight!
lying down on sofa & watching movies :)
...while outside is snowing heavily!

what a hearty night ^^


I'm losing my temper and patience slowly...
It is so hard to bake!
It takes a lots of time& effort& energy to get things together.

honestly, thanks god.
I have the man with patience,
who literally taking care of everything and tell me not to quit while i want to.