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Thursday, January 27, 2011
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Dear New York City,
can you stop snowing!?

I been here for about 3 weeks already,
and you just keep and keep snowing almost every week!
UGH :/
Actually, I do loves snowing!
but... i hates the nasty street, it is so hard to walk at!

Please just stop snowing after tomorrow,
because it my last couple days at New York City :(

just wanna shout out loud to my dear galfriend - Summy.
oh damn you still young and hot :)

Hope you have a great blast one ^_*
SORRY** i didn't make it to the party :(
the snow & weather condition really a mess!

While i was on my way home,
I almost fell my ass down on the dirty floor/street.
WTF. Seriously, snowing is not fun!

And it snow so heavy and mix with some snow rain,
oh gosh it hurt so much while it keep hitting on our faces!
...again, this is so not cool!

So, when i got to the building,
this is how we look likes.

Snowman & Snow-woman!

AWESOME < not!

Our head and body's coat are mostly cover in white snow,
faces are wet!

My favorite snow photo of the night :')

The snow keep falling on my camera,
the body camera is wet of cause,
and lens are blurring due to the snow melting/becoming water.

That is why this photo come out so fairytale blurry yet adorable!
Ha ^^

After showering with hot water,
now it is time for me to sit down, relax, blogging and enjoy the rest of my night
while it still snowstorm outside!

Lincoln Tea with honey&sugar,
piece of chin's mom homemade marble pound cake,

& midnight 1pm.
Astroboy homemade this miso soup noodle as our midnight snack :)
So delicious! Bravoooooooo!

Tonight is such a night to che
ers for!


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