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Monday, January 31, 2011
I _ you
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Landed Malaysia last night.

Goodbye my lovely New York City,
hopefully i can visit you real soon!
misses my friends,family and him already :(

Yesterday, the worst day of 2011!
I can't stop yelling and cursing the bad word.
It was terrible.
I hope i get everything fix at the end.

Oh my lover.
While i was crying non-stop, you beg & tell me please don't.
You promise you will get it done,
so I have nothing to worry and afraid about.

At that moment, i wished you are with me, so badly.
You are the only one i can rely on, with fully trust.
You can calm my mind easily.

Because i know no matter what happen to me, the worst or the good,
you will always help me through everything.
and, you really & always did.

Long distance is really difficult.
But i have faith in us.
I believe our love story will never end, except it was a happy ending :)

I think, i might be in "love" with you.
I _ you :')

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