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Saturday, January 1, 2011
heyyy happy new year!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! everyone :)
May the new year 2011 bring all the best wishes and best luck to each one of you!

I have a bunch of fun last night!
finally meeting all my best friends at New York City, and enjoyed a super great night
i misses you guys already, xoxo.

Will try to post more photos next time when i have time,
so now just a sneak peek of what i did these past days ^^

Thanks Ms.Phibbie for making this surprise cupcakeeeeeeeee for me!!!
awww she always remembered what i loved.
but seriously damn i really wish the macaroons u made will succeeded ;(
anyways, true heart is what matter.

while i was still at Malaysia,
one day, my sister called me and ask:"Hey sister, i wanna buy u a ring, what size u're wearing?"
I am superrr happy while i heard it, so i answer, perhaps size 5 or 6.

couple days ago, the 29th, was our 8th month anniversary,

and my dumb boyfriend Mr.Astroboy trying so hard to trick me with my sister to know what my size is...
& buy me this tiffany&co ring :)

awwww my silly boyfriend.
Finally you're successful this one time for making me happy about the gift

thanks you thanks you thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuu!