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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
this day win a place in my heart
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after blogging about my 2010 birthday,
those images those memory those laugh those fun,
just blow to my mind, to my heart.

2009, to be honest, the best birthday i ever have.

because, i have a group of friends,
that i cared&loves a lots, alotsssss.

The only things i can recall from the day,
was the fact that i smile non-stop,
sincerely, from bottom of my heart.

If i knew, we will ever be apart like this, like now.
at that moment, i will wish, that we can stay together forever.

Still, not gonna change a thing that i wrote on my last year's facebook album,
: i love you'all♥
you guys are the best things ever happen to my life :')

seriously, it is.

I am truly thankful & grateful,
for the joy you guys always gave me.

When we're young, we do things crazily.

But no matter how old we will get to,
i know, if i am with you guys,
we will always do things so differently, so crazily, and laugh our ass off.

If I never left,
i will never understand how much i misses you guys.
& how lonely my life sometimes can be.

I heart my new york friends.
a place in my heart, will always belong to those who make me smile :)

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