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Sunday, December 12, 2010
Sunday lunch
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Skype-ing with Astroboy all night long & morning,
that is how I end my Saturday and woke up smiling at Sunday ;)

Days without contact lens is a absolute comfort!

&bad ache pop up all at one night. wtf =(
Super starving ends up giving me a bad appetite ;(

anyways, our lunch is called "Bah Kuh teh"(in chinese)
the soup is heaven! Boiled by different herbal ingredients.
i seriously can finish one bowl of these soup all by myself.
My all time favorite - "you tiao"(in chinese)
perfect match with the entree.

side order, we have tofu and 1 veggie.
Keeve boy is a white-rice killer ;D

& Kiestan is a "anything" killer.
Basically, he ate any/most foods that you gave.

Sad little boy impatiently waiting for us to finish the meal,
so we can bring him next door to see fishes and small turtle ;)

later, carrefour for some pampers' shopping.

Damn. Pringles launch new flavor chips!
Grilled Shrimp, soft shell crab and even double cheesy cheese!

Ehh, soft shell crap doesn't taste good to me = ="