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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Sunday Joy
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Favorite Sunday.

Hanging out with both of my brothers again
& braid my all-time-favorite's side-hair-braid :)
Went to my favorite furniture store - IKEA

Ehhhhh, everywhere's parking lot is usually over-packed on Sunday.
well, I don't really care since I'm not the driver. Ha
Mama g in the town with us too!
Aww fluffy lamp, cute?
okay, add into my wishlist now :D

so wanna get a Ikea's softserve cone :D
Awww adorable Christmas deco hang on the mirror.
I wanna get one too!
So lovely!
Definitely my ideal table of Thanksgiving or Christmas Family dinner :)

Finally, bringing my small Zara bag on the street :P

Ehh eat way too non-stop lately,
i think i gain like 5 pounds already = ="
Ikea Foodcourt always packed with people!
damnit. Ikea signature's meatball, see u next time then, hopefully.
Twinkle tiny star and the big one too, adorable enough?
yes, will get it if i got my own room, soon.

Next, dinner& shopping @ The Curve.
Christmas theme is everywhere, so festive, me likey!

Even a fashion show on the stage too.

My very first time, walking here, under this fairytale light.
Super in love.

Sooooo many cuisines&choices for a good meal here,
from Chinese, to Japanese, Thailand,Indonesia and Western cuisines too.

Hungryyyyyyyyyyy gimme some food, like now!

Sakae Sushi - the dinner destination.
Losters xxx.
Looks tasty, but taste soso.
My all-time-must-order Unagi roll :)

Going home with my two naughty nephew is headache!
because they keep stealing our food to eat

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