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Monday, December 20, 2010
shopping spreeeee
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a day off for myself so i can shop for winter clothes ;)
because i throw away most of the long sleeve shirt before i moved back to Malaysia.

LOLS who knows i am going back to NYC so soon!

eyes is getting so smaller after some power sleep every night = ="
well, eye bag still growing bigger
so i guess sleep too much sometimes wasn't really helping

& currently having serious ache problem, sucks to the max ;(

@ Lot 10, Zara.
Shopping for Christmas gift for loved ones.

& trying to see if i can afford some cute coats/jackets/cape here!

been eye-ing on this cute cape since couple months ago.
it cost RM359.00
I'm still contemplating ..
because it is too light for such freezing weather at NYC now!

ehh not likey.

later, went to "The Loaf" for some snacks.
Their breads is famously tasty.

before starting enjoy my lunch,
I spot this store opening soon, which is SEPHORA!!
omg.. omg .. omg..
my favorite cosmetics&fragrance&skin care store!
They carry every brand that i likes& so much more!

This snack lunch cost me RM17.00
a Garlic bread, Blueberry raisin bread & a Ice Cappuccino

I likes blueberry raisin bread :)
It cost RM5.80

I was alone by that moment before i meet up with my friends.

But, alone wasn't really a correct word to use.
because, my dear Astroboy was on phone with me all the time.

It makes me remind of the Hong Kong trip in summer,
when he always on phone with me while i shop&eat alone in the store.

Thanks you ^^

Sitting near this street view, watching the crowd,
enjoying the tasty bread & talking with my beloved.
I called it a noon.
a good one actually <3>
& later, walked to Sungei Wang and meet up with my friends.
& have a drink session at this really cool restaurant.
The theme is "Bathroom/Toilet"

Qing & Fei Kang again.

This is my seat, at the theme restaurant.

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