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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Ops! New York City here i am
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after a 15hour long flight from HK to NYC
gosh i am finally here at this freezing god damn city

back to my dear beloved sister is amazing
the smile-ness inside my mind grow bigger secretly

first meal of the day at New york city,
was the Korean Restaurant me and my sister used to go at Flushing, Northern Blvd

seafood pancake is soo good

The second day, it actually snow!

hotpot under a snow freeezing day is goddamn good :D

Staying at my aunt's house at Long island
from left to right, were my cousin named Keegan,
and my cute nephews named Jonathan & Harrison

Since it was a heavy snowstorm, all of us forced to stay in
the street was basically all stuck with snow , ehhh = ="

That is the lego Astroboy gave to Jonathan as his Christmas gift

At first, i though i'll never got this.
I thought is was complicated.
and see what i did! such a cute little house :)
Lego is fun, i admit

wearing Christmas cape from Astroboy as my Christmas gift ;)

Yea, it is god damn freezing and we're about to go out to make snowman,
wearing UGH boot from my sister is super warm,
so no afraid at all ha :D

according to the news,
this snowstorm will eventually become 16inches,
i doubted it. Because to me, it looks more than that!

&the kids playing the snow at the backyard of the house

kids playing with the snow always the happiest

Poor Jonathan almost run home crying because the cold weather freeze his ear
and it hurts ;(

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