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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
My Blush Collection
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Just re-organize my cosmetic closet last night,
and guess what i found!

I always knew the fact that i'm a super blush fan,
but i never thought that i've already purchase so much!

and i barely or never use most of them.

I am really picky when it come to blush,
so if the color doesn't really fit me,
i will rather put it aside.

= =" ehh such a bad habit of keep wasting money on cosmetic!

I did the math,
there are total of 10 different blush, color and brand that i own.

GOSH seriously WTF!

My pinky blush, from left to right

left: La Femme Hollywood
- the cheapest one among all, but the color is very long lasting
- i used this most of the time & very satisfied with the result
- cost around US $4.75 dollar ONLY! yes, less than 5 bucks!

middle: MAC Mineralize Blush
- I think i only used once, because i don't like the pearlized shimmer powder hide in it
- Cost around US $21.00 dollar, from MAC
-Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application.
- Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.
- Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer.

right: Illamasqua Powder Blush
- I used this like 60% of the time, because the color is super light pink
- Cost US $24.00 dollar, can be bought at every Sephora store
- It illuminate and enliven your complexion with the color
- Color intense and highly pigmented

left: Bobbi Brown Powder Blush
- I only used less than 5 times, because the color is a bit too dark for me
- Cost US $22, from Bobbi Brown
- Awarded Allure" 'Best Of Beauty' (Oct. 2009) and "Elle" 'Genius Award' (Apr. 2009)
- Silky formula glides on smoothly and offers a matte finish with long-lasting wear

right: Kanebo Kate Blush
- I love the little brush that come with it, except that, i never used the blush
- Cost around RM $45.00 ringgit, bought at Watsons Malaysia
- Color wasn't really that long lasting compare to Bobbi Brown or Nars
- You will need to apply for couple more times in order to have the desire color on the cheek

Famous, Nars Blush Collection
when it come to blush, I LOVE NARS :)

left: Nars pressed powder blush in Mata Hari*
- Never used once, or maybe only one times
- Cost US $26.00 dollar, can be bought at Sephora
- Nars blush offers a range of translucent, natural shades, each with a subtle pink for natural blush undertone, created to highlight the complexion
- Color is very stay on & long lasting

Nars pressed powder blush in Orgasm*
- Never used once, because i don't think i am at the right age yet LOLS
- Cost US $26.00, bought at Sephora
- Nars Orgasm makes cheeks blush a perfect pinky-peach flush and subtly highlights with accents of golden shimmer
- The perennially pleasing, universally flattering shade is again and again a makeup artist and beauty editor favorite.

right: Nars pressed powder blush in Desire*
- Cost US $26.00, bought at Sephora
- Used couple times before
- The color is more like a cotton-candy, very cute

My next NARS blush target will be "Angelika" :D

Finally, no more pink. Ha :P
After purchasing so many pink color, i wanna have a change.
Therefore I try orange recently ;)

left: Jill Stuart Blush Compact
- The outlook and inner color is very lovely & gotta love the brush that come with it
- Cost HKD $330
- I always think this blush is too pretty to use it :P
-Quad powder with pure luster
- Blends smoothly and add a touch of soft color to your cheek

right: Majolica-Majorca Cheek Blush in OR211*
- Just bought, at Watsons Malaysia
- Cost RM $40.00 ringgit

say HELLO :) to my blushes ^____^

I really need to think of a way to get rid of those that i won't use,
or perhaps stop buying (impossible of cause!)

I wanna do a blush giveaway,
but too lazy to do all the shipping work.

so, my friends,
let me know if you're interest in any of them,
& perhaps i'll consider to give it to you for free :')

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