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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
last christmas
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Just because i have bunch of, loads of, trucks of laughter and fun and joy last year
so, that is why i decided to fly back this year,
and spend my favorite Christmas and New Year countdown at New York City!

will departure from Malaysia, Dec 24th
arrive Hong Kong airport 24th night,
maybe overnight at the airport or go out to the city with friend just for 1 night,
then head back to airport to check in for 25th morning flight ;(

overnight at airport alone during Xmas eve totally not fun at all =(

anyways, lets see what i done last Christmas eve!

the one wearing red and Christmas hat,
yea.. it was me, last year.
still looking cute and naive,
sigh this year? with more wrinkles and fats i think

i missed you Kris chan ;)

Partayyyy all night long at ktv room with my gangs is totally rock&roll!

i still remembered you guys dance and singing the famed "Wonder Girls"
so much wild-open-mouth laughing filled with the entire room! :D

Oh Man. Those were beyond fun!
We have like more than 30 people in a small room!
so squeezy yet so crazy fun&happy :)

after midnight 2pm, we decided to take the subway & head to the famous Rockefeller Center

We insanely talk so loud, greeting people on the street and shout "Merry christmas!"

Dance like a dumbo, smile like a kiddo,
we sure don't even care what others think!

I misses this huge, signature New York City's Christmas Tree right behind us!

My friends, or my lover or my family,
please do accompany me to there on 25th night!
i don't care the fact that i just get off the plane on that day,
I might be insanely tire or exhaust or sleepy,
I just need and must go there on Christmas night!
okay dokey?

10 more days till i get on the silly 24hr flight back to New York City,
whooooo rayyyy babes!

i am super excite now ^^