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Thursday, December 30, 2010
The 3rd&4th day at New York City
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After 1 day stuck/staying at home
we couldn't take the bore-some nomore
so we decided to head out for some crazy year-end sale!!

& my beloved sister.
& my number#1 adorable Harrison :D
lucky my uncle clear the snow out of the walking path
so no fall no worry :)
sister & the neighborhood
so freaking cold damnit UGG boot was really warm thanks god!

@ Roosevelt Mall, at Long Island.
I guess the snow just scared everyone away,
the mall obviously have nobody!

wow, so i heard this is the second worst snowstorm that happened in NYC.
this is terrible.
The snow is so inches high that can even cover up an entire car = ="

The next day.
I feel like going out for a walk & a haircut :)
Hanging out with my Astroboy ;)
& sharing the super sugary candy i brought from Malaysia.

Hello my readers!
greeting from this silly blogger, all the way at New York City now ^^

sky is getting darker around 4pm,
i really need to get used to this.

after haircut & shopping at soho,
we went to May's place @ St Mark.

awww this is why we're here.
the $1 gyoza dumplings is sooooooo hot and tasty!!
damn we're gonna order like $5 next time haha

the long distance love-birds finally meet :)

i miss my sexy long hair. UGHHH :

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