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Saturday, November 20, 2010
Sawasdee Ka,Bangkok! Day 4* & Goodbye bangkok!
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Forth day of Bangkok Trip.

A super relaxing day.
Mostly, we just walked around the mall & nothing really planned in our mind.
Regularly, wanna catch a movie too. But we didn't.

Went to Siam Paragon's supermarket,
trying to look for the Thai's instant noodles.

SUPER IN LOVE with this supermarket.
So colorful and lots of lots of things to look at.
& very neat and clean.

Thai's sticky rice.
& we purchased the mango sticky rice.

Ehhhhh what is this really?
Such huge pot! = ="

blehhh i know i know
you guys might be bored of my red bag since i keep mention about it
but blehhh i am still loving it! Ha :D

Wow. This is another reason i love this superrrmarket.
They have this food stall selling different kind of Thai foods.
You choose what you want, they'll cook or microwave for you,
and bring it to your table.

Of cause, we ordered Tom-Yam-Kun again :)
This one is different with what've tried before,
because this one cooked with coconut milk.
More creamy taste.

But, i still likes it without milk. More spicy!

Fish Cake.

I still remembered how good&tasty the fishcake were back to New York City!

Famous "Mango Sticky Rice"

Mango in Thailand is sooo sweet and tasty!
& the sticky rice taste sweet too.

I consider it a dessert lols

The meat is so juice!

So this is our lunch of the day.

2 milk purchased from the supermarket,
paid at the counter of cause before we drank it inside the supermarket.

Somehow, we wonder,
will they even noticed if we don't pay & open the items.
Not a good idea people, don't even think about it!

behind us, is the food court, with fish tank at the center.

LOLS How huge the butter is.

Siam Paragon is mostly luxury brands,
such as chloe,gucci,ysl,channel and more.

& they have cute tea-break cafe.
Ughhh i want ;(

background is soo cute. Piano is playing on it own.

Spot this bakery cafe is selling macaroon,
and i ran in there immediately!

of cause i bought it :)
Only 90baht (RM9). So cheap compare to New York!

& they have all these cute fancy dessert/cakes too.

Can't wait to actually open the macaroon box it and eat it!

It my friend first time trying it,
and he said it too sweet for him.
UGHHH so not true!
For me, it taste like heaven :)

After Siam Paragon, we walked to the Famed central World.

Went there only for this "Naraya" bag store!

Buying more&more bags from there.
for friends and family.

After leaving Central World

We went to our favorite mall - Platinum Wholesale fashion Mall.

Bought 2 more long dresses there :)

& have KFC for late-lunch.

They have spicy chicken rice in the menu.
So cool. & taste good too.

Day 5.
@ Thailand airport's custom.

Flying back to Malaysia.

Bangkok, sure i will visit you again :)

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