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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Sawasdee Ka,Bangkok! Day 3*
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Third day of our Bangkok Trip.

still, waking up damn early,
right before 10am trying not to miss breakfast time of the hostel.

I have 2 piece of kaya bread,
& guess what, my male friend have 7 pieces of them!

Both of them are wearing the new clothes bought at day 2.
& i have the same brown shirt as mimi is wearing.

white long dress always my love when it come to travel :)
purchased from Club Monaco, with an incredibly cheap price,
only $5 usd dollar! During their clearance sale.

Knowing we're going to shop more today,
that what give us the smile. Haha :)
Girls are just truly shopaholic, please do understand that.

This is the very famed & a must-come weekend flea market - "Chatuchak"!
They have over..hmm i dunno, likes 5000 and more little shop here.
yea, trust me, they really do!

Lucky we come early in the morning, when it is not crowded yet.

They have many different street/stall foods,
from furniture,home decorations to clothing, accessories and a lots more!!

I sure will come here again when i got a new place to move to.
Because their home decoration stuff are so beautiful, cute and cheap!

Will be busy-ing shopping and sneaking around the corner & shops,
so less pictures of today's trip explain the reasons :P

So quick, we spot the good stuff and boom! we're getting it :)

I bought 2 real leather belt. So beautiful.
I am a leather lover. So everything with leather, i am on it.
2 belt cost 500 baht (RM50)

Spot another leather store that sell key chain.
So cute, that you can carve your name on it.

I honestly wanna buy 2, one for myself, one for astroboy.
So, it can attach to our key.
The word "home sweet home" just delight my mind :)

Anyways, we walked away from that store,
because we thought maybe we can find a cheaper price,
but then we totally forgot about it.
Correctly to be said, we can't even find the similar store no more,
and we can't even find this store.
Because Chatuchak are huge like this!
you will totally get lost in there.

LOLS it is truth.

After a straight 3 hours of walking and shopping,
ughh my legs is hurting so much, and our stomach couldn't take it no more.

Then we spotted a small street restaurant next to us, so we're there!

I order rice with lemon grass & shrimp.

My galfriend totally in love with the lemon grass's sauce. So tasty!

This is Tom-Yam-Kun, Thai's famous soup.
Please please do order one to try it if you happen to be at Thailand.
anywhere of thailand!

It was so yummyliciouss good!

I totally got addicted after one sip of soup.

Sour and spicy at the same time.

Continue shopping for more after lunch.

This time,
we're busy-ing looking for my cute leather bag's store that i loved it so much in first sight.

Yessss, gladly, we found the store,
and we managed to bargain down the price,
and now i owned it!!

Whooo~ this is what i meant we're lucky to go Chatuchak early in the morning.
because around noon,
this place is packed with people!
and it so hard to even walk and sneaking around the shop.

Going back to hotel with a satisfaction smile on our face :)
Back for a power nap, so we can head to the Thailand's tallest tower to have buffet.
& wearing what i bought @ Chatuchak :D

Damn ;( can't believe my birthday is tomorrow!
I miss my old New York gangs sigh =(
& him too.

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