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Saturday, November 20, 2010
Sawasdee Ka,Bangkok! Day 3 night*
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Continue post of third day @ Bangkok.

Before we came,
we've already decided to choose one night to go for a fine dinner,
to enjoy our self.

So, tonight is the night!

After shopping @ Chatuchak,
we took a power nap.
Around 7pm, we dolled up for the buffet.

Mimi is wearing the blazer we bought @ Platinum mall,
mine is navy blue color.

& i am wearing everything i just bought @ Chatuchak 3 hours ago!
From the vintage dress, to the belt & of cause the lovely leather bag :')
It my new love now.

During the 1 hr wait time,
we have to get something to eat.
Our stomach is just way too hungry to wait for the buffet.

Of cause, i am eating my fishball stick again :)

This is our destination called "Baiyoke Sky Hotel"
It consider Thailand's tallest tower.

Waiting @ the lobby for 8:30pm appointment.

During the wait, a super noisy voice attract us.
So then we spot this group of young people playing with their kitchen material as a music instrument.
the music they playing was smooth and sounds good!

& they're standing in front of the elevator.
Either trying to welcoming the guest with their unique style
or scare the hotel guest with their loud music.
Ha xD

Still waiting, so cam-whore time!

Somehow, this sure does look likes a married couple's pic.
LOLS we're not of cause.
Just simply 2 good friends.

8:30pm, finally it is time to eat!

Oh yea, a lovely reminder for those wanna go here.
It half price discount* if you go after 8:30pm :)

This is the view that company us the whole night.

Even my guy friend is wearing the new shirt too. Ha.

She said, my favorite pose was to pose with the foods.
I admit, it is true :D

Even the foods wasn't that good,
& not much of variety,
but the Bangkok view beside us definitely worth it.

My favorite dish of the night.
Fresh cooked crepes :)

& i love this cute lady chef who was making the crepes.
Her slang is so cute and beautiful eyes.

Aww this balloon maker such a cute lady.

Done with the foods.
Actually, still hungry.

He said, since we paid so much.
We have to take more photos there! ;P

Hello my cute bag :)
First time using it, it just felt great!

Goodbye. & we're not coming back to this restaurant again.
The food was just so-so.

Walked to the upper floor to the observation deck.

Wondering, ever will I have a chance to take the hot-air balloon in my lives.
Hopefully i can!

Old people used to take this as their transportation.

Malaysia, some area,
still have it i think.

Ha we looked cute don't we :D

Even funnier & cuter =D

After keep praying in the temple,
we do this pose so often now.

Arrived! Observation deck*

After you step in,
the thing will just keep rotating and circling.
so then, you can observe the Bangkok's view without moving at all.

One of the view.

Ha, barely we can see him smile this!
He is like a happy kids since he got there.

& my old friend who is leaving to new Zealand for a year, soon ;(
anyways, i am wishing her the best.
Hoping she can enjoy herself to the fullest, and no stress at all!

Leaving. Byebye Baiyoke Tower.


Two day in a row, we're sneak drinking the beer in the room.
Ha :D
it just too cheap we couldn't resist.

& we do get drunk.
except the guy.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
222 Rajprarop Rd., Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Tel : 66 (0) 2656 3000, 66 (0) 2656 3456, Fax : 66 (0) 2656 3555, 66 (0) 2656 3666
E-mail :


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