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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Sawasdee Ka,Bangkok! Day 2*
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Second day of Bangkok, Thailand.

Waking up at 8:30am.
This is just an ordinary trip alarm.
Waking up early in the morning& go back to hotel late in the night.

another long day to go!

Breakfast, prepared by the hostel.
White bread & wheat bread, along with kaya or strawberry jam.
of cause, tea or coffee too.

Asia is simply great, isn't it?
The fruit is everywhere, cheap and a lots of them!

So mostly, fruit take the biggest part during the breakfast time.

First time eating watermelon or dragon fruit as breakfast.

Even fishball/meat/squid stall start business so early too?

Due to the miscounting between Thai & Malay's clock,
we have to eat breakfast outside of the hostel.
Well, we want to.

So we choose a street noodle stall to start off the day.

Thai's noodle always have their unique soup, unique taste.
I don't hate it.
But ughhh my friend put way too much spicy sauce on my noodle,
i couldn't take it.
My lips are even bigger than it used to be due to the spicy-ness.

As I mentioned in my last post,
Tuk-Tuk is everywhere at the street, around the corner, within the city.

Thailand's cute colorful taxi.

Walked past "Siam Paragon", the shopping mall
& saw this incredibly long line.
We wonder, what is going on?
We try to ask the people, but barely Thai's people understand or able to speak English.

Anyways, we guess, it either their Krispy creme is very cheap
or Thai's people just love it so much.

But, undoubtedly,
Krispy Creme is honestly superrrrrr delicious!
It my favorite donuts' brand too =)

We get off at the wrong train station.
This is "Si Lom", if no mistaken.

very crowded. but i love it.

Ha. Spot my favorite fresh squeeze fruit juice's stall again.
it is everywhere too.

Except Tuk-Tuk & taxi,
motorcycle is their transportation too.
I mean, it is like taxi.
You can pay them to drive you to anywhere.

It is too hot, we need to stop for fresh fruit to cool down.

OMG. Even cheaper and bigger portion than Malaysia.
20baht (RM2) for a big bag!

Interesting. Their powder are different.
It is orange color, and something like sugar.

I actually still prefer sour powder in Malaysia.

They even sold sweet yams too!
20baht for a bag.
so sweet so yummy i likes it ;D

Awww. Astroboy's favorite cute old lady.
She is selling Thai's cake.

20baht for 5.

Mostly, they are made of coconut.
Sweet, as you can imagine.
But, worth give it a try.

Our snacks/lunch. On the way to the Grand Palace.

After 30minutes taxi ride. We're here!

It is giant, huge space of white building.

@ the famous "Grand Palace"
This is a must-visit place if you travel to Thailand.

I am still holding to the mango we couldn't finish,
because it superrrr sour = ="

My primary school's classmate.
Before entering the gate/entrance.

Walking at this road, i actually thought :"Wow, this is so like Disneyland"
You will know what i mean, if you been to Florida Disneyland.
I mean the open big space's road that lead you the palace.

Just bought ticket& ready to go in!

Oh, Thai's people are free to enter the palace.

After entering, so packed with locals&tourists.

For sure, we're all wow after seeing those gold-painted art & temple & statues.

Trying to pose with mimi's favorite.

My cute primary schoolmates,
we all went to the same school for 6 years and we still maintain the good friendship.
i am glad ;)

Sawasdee Ka my reader ^_*

The temple/door guardian. Well i mean, something like protector.

I kept saw&hear Chinese & Korean tourist & Western tourists.

You sure will be amazed by the delicate detail art work.

Mostly, the temple is painted in gold, perhaps real gold.
and decorate with colorful stones.

For people to pray.

Four face Buddha that facing different direction.

Before entering,
we need to use the lotus and splash the water on each other's head.

After entering, video and camera are prohibited.

We just sit there & pray.

I wonder how many temples are there.
A lots, i know. But what is the exact number?

Some said, this is where the king of Thailand lived.
Is it true?

If that is where the king lived, then what this is?
I mean the huge building behind us.

Very pretty, with the art work, delicate building and green field.

One more group picture before we leave!

Goodbye Grand Palace!

Got on a Taxi, and he drive us to this gems gallery.
According to what the taxi driver said,
he ask us for a favor. All we need to do is stay inside the store for more than 10 minutes,
then the driver will rewarded with a free gasoline & food coupon.

Although our original plan was just go in and walk around more than 10 minutes,
but it failed.

My friend end up bought something.

While waiting, we're enjoying a cup of tea!
well, the beverages is free, so why not :P

My friend bought this cute red birthstone bracelet for his beloved mother.
Cost around $2300baht (RM230)

So hungry, we need to stop for some fishball&squid :)

So yummmmmmy, because of the spicy sauce they gave.

My friend love squid. I am a fishball lover :)

@ the wholesale market.

We bought a cheap grey floral cardigan there.

They will always give you a better&cheaper price if you purchase more than 2!
so, be smart, girls!

Bought this as our dinner.
So convenient! and surprisingly tasty!
Only 350 baht (RM3.50)

Happily shopping because we got some cheap stuff :)

I would love to try this prawn, only if they peel off the skin for me.
Ha xD

My favorite shopping mall - The Platinum.
It is a wholesale mall.
So , if you buy more, cheaper price you get!

Next stop - Central World shopping mall.

Nigh bazaar at the front entrance.

Central World is the third biggest complex shopping mall in the world.
So make sure you pay a visit here.

Oh yea, be sure to visit the "Naraya" bag shop, just at the right side of main entrance.
It is so cheap in Thailand, and so pretty and adorable.

Very festive!
Just outside the Central World.
Enjoying beer, live band&singing, & friends talk!
Crowded and long line waiting too.

around 10pm. Back to suk11 hostel.

This is what i mean when i said in my last post,
that my hostel was pretty at night.

The outside area become a restaurant.
People will just sit there, enjoying a tasty dinner and beer, for sure!

Oh, did i mention, beer at Thailand is very cheap!
Only 450baht (RM4.50), for Heineken,Singha, and something else.

And remember,
7-11 will stop selling beer after midnight.

This is what we bought that day.

A lots of Naraya cute bags,
shorts, blazer and dresses :)