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Thursday, November 11, 2010
Sawasdee Ka, Bangkok! Day 1*
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a must to say,
this trip is totally a blast!

Me and my other 2 primary schoolmates kept talking about going on a trip together for so long,
& we finally make it :')

it was super exhausted at the first couple days
because we walked damn much!

so many new things/cultures to learn.

Thailand is a total interesting country to visit!

Next destination on list,
famous Phuket* of cause ^^

anyways, this trip was 5days 4 nights.

Shall we begin my bangkok journey here!

Our flight is at early morning, around 7am.
Thanks to mimi's bf who drove us to airport @ Sepang.

My chance to get on the ride of popular local airline AIRASIA*
the plane is so cute =)
oh, so do the stewardess too.

From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok was 2hour flight ride.

wasn't bad at all right?

Airline ticket cost me RM500.

The hostel we stayed at.
Very forest-atmosphere & unique.
Full of surprises too.

SUK11 Hostel*
especially for back packers :)

very reasonable price,
the room are clean and neat.

The address:
1/33 Sukhumvit 11,
Bangkok, Thailand, 10110.

Highly recommend!

Staff working there are mostly young like us.
And don't worry, their English wasn't a problem at all.

They do provide charger adapter & hair dryer,
all you need to do is request from counter and pay.
It was 100baht for deposit.

This is what i mean of unique.

They have all kind of different decorations on the wall & ceilings.
Most related to their religion as well.

This wasn't some fancy 4 or 5 star hotel.
But don't expect less, because i think this hostel was really a gem.

I bet you'll love this place like i do.

Entering the hostel & walking thru it was like an adventure
you never know what you will see here and it will surprise you for sure.

I never, never have find/live at such special hotel like this.

after dropping our luggage at hostel,
it is time for us to go out and discover the city.

This is the street right outside the hostel.

We're staying at the red district area.
this place totally look different at night.

You might as well see some prostitute,
don't be surprise.

beverage & fruit stall is everywhere @ Bangkok!
love it ^^

I bought fresh squeeze orange juice, 20baht(RM2)
omfg it was so refreshing and tastyyyyyyyyy!

My friend bought coconut, 20bath too.
damnit, so sweet and yummy too!

we drink those 2 things every single day during trip.

bought smartpass for skytrain.
It was called LBT*

The station somewhat reminds me of Hong Kong train station.
Very similar, i must say.

Super clean!
Nobody was allow to eat food or drink within the station. That is why.

Gosh i wish Malaysia or New York city can be like this too.

fat sausage for 10 baht.

oily but yummy =)

Look what we got here.
Pink bus spotted!!!

Ha so cute.
We even find red, blue buses too.

Sawasdee Ka, from Bangkok's KFC :)
which mean Hello in Thai.

Oh yea, if you have the chance to visit Thailand,
please, must! try their pork burger,
only at Thailand.

Huge ass cartoon figure.

Lunch time.
Wanna try their famous Tom-Yam-Kun desperately.

Busy-ing looking at the menu, because it was so many choices.

I think we might have find the wrong restaurant.

This restaurant have so many other cuisines,
such as Japanese, Chinese and western.

and well we all know,
if you have too many , it might not as well the best you can serve.

My favorite Thai appetizer - fruit mix with nut salad.

This is mango salad.

sour & spicy Tom-Yam-Kun :)

i am so addicted to the flavor.

We ordered 4 dishes.
The bill was around 1200baht (RM12o)

Thai people believe in their own Buddha very much.

Buddha statue is everywhere in the city.
On the street, in the mall/store and even airport too.

According to our traveller' booklet,
this is a must to visit.

It located at the center point of Bangkok,
where most of the shopping mall were surrounded.

We decided to pray.

& ehhhhhh this is where our first disaster happen.
Not really a disaster. But it honestly make us mad. Super mad.

I still can't believe we pay 1400baht (RM140) each person, on those things.

I am so angry at the lady.
Those were for Buddha,
how can they raise the price up so high, while other stall sell it so cheap.

damn it.
forget it.

After praying.

we might smile like a sweet candy,
but within our mind, still very pissed off.

Walked around, & got pulled by a uncle while we're on the way to shopping mall.
According to what he said,
it was Buddha big birthday. so the shopping mall is close during that time.

We believe of what he said. & he recommend us take a boat ride to visit sleeping Buddha.

So we're taking the famous Tuk-Tuk.

We get so excited. because it was something we never try.

Anyways, Tuk-tuk was like taxi at Thailand.
It was everywhere too.

but visitors please remember,
always try to take the tuk-tuk with white plate.
They're cheaper than yellow plate.

Actually, I highly recommend visitors to take Taxi.
Taxi there are so incredibly cheap.

And from what most taxi drivers told us,
most tuk-tuk were under Mafia*
so please be extra careful.

After 30minute tuk-tuk ride,
arrived the pier.

discussing about the price and place where we wanna go.

Another thing i love about Thailand.
This is definitely the place where you put your bargain skill to test.

Originally, it was around 1600baht for 3 person for boat ride.
& we bargain it down to 1000baht :)

so visitors, don't be shy and try to bargain!

waiting for the boat.

& here we are at the local boat.
Very local i shall say. Ha :D

I am so dizzy after the 10minute boat ride.

Something like floating market.
Some lady with her boat will approach you,
&ask if you wanna buy anything.

Mostly, they sell souvenirs and foods/beverages or handmade items.

arrived the first destination.

First destination - Snake Farm.

Actually we want to go Crocodile farm,
but somehow we end up here = ="

A real fat snake on my friend's neck.
Yes, I was super scare standing next to him/it.

aww cute pet!

Wow. They have real tiger here!

With only 150 baht (RM15) entry ticket,
it so worth it!

Snake show.
The huge snake we just took picture with @@

UGH what a gut for us to go up there and pose with this real snake!

Spot so many wood houses build on the river.
Very dangerous =(

Most of the boat here were waiting for the river's gate to open so we can pass through it.

Visiting famous "Sleeping Buddha"
The figure was HUGE.

The temple's decoration was gorgeous!

Went to this night bazaar for a walk & dinner at the food court.

The rice was wrapped in plastic bag.

This meat taste very good with the sauce.

Papaya Salad.

After finishing dinner,
walking around the market.

Bought 1 hat.

&head back to hostel.