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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
ice room & pavilion
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last Saturday night,
joined my friends for late dinner.

@ Cheras, IceRoom*
for some chit-chatting & meeting some of his new friends.

This is mango shaved ice, and behind is taro flavor.

ehhhh this dragon fruit drink have no taste @ @"

A girl brought her nikon drsl and wanna to go somewhere for snap shot,
so i suggested Pavilion, since they just place Christmas decorations.

around Sungei Wang.
it was Saturday night, everyone was hanging out on the street or shopping.

stuck in traffic jams for half hour and finally we almost there!

aww man.
I miss Christmas. I miss New York City ='(

Just realized we have the same interest!

ugh should really have put on some makeup
my face so pale and tired, as always LOLS

he is like our own photographer now

in love with my 50mm bokeh :)

i guess looking for place to take picture is one of the Saturday's activity,
since there really is nothing much to do in Malaysia.

honestly, cant wait to see when will Pavilion change this outlook.
I mean the three bowl' concept.
Well, i once read magazine, the three bowl means "One Malaysia"
i guess, it refer to Malay,Chinese and Indo.

in front of a poster board and we pretend we're at beach!
ha so silly i know

& yessssss i found my "kaki"!
i now can go out and take more pix since she is a photo-taking lover too :D

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