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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Family Sun-day
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My lovely parent was here with me the entire weekend,
for my berdayyy of cause :)

so we spend friday, saturday & sunday together.
mostly, just walk around the malls, enjoying foods&movie and some parent-daughter time.

Daddy wanna go Sunway Pyramind.

Since the Sakae Sushi was overcrowded and long-line waiting,
so we just head to the Sushi King, since we're really hungry.

EHHH bad service!
we been waiting for someone to serve us & take orders for over 10 minutes&above.

First thing we do when we get there,
ordering an ice cream for him.
Just to calm him down so he can sit on his spot while we ate our lunch.

Ugh what a bad choice by bringing Keeve boy along with us.
He is a real devil. Ehhhh!
He been acting like a hyper kids. Running all around and touching this and that.
& crying out real loud = ="

My older brother being the big boss that day for paying our bill, for lunch and dinner.
thankssiee :)

Christmas theme is everywhere now!

cute ladies @ the castle.

Someone next to Keeve boy tell my mom,
:"ewww he draw so ugly."

Ha :D
what can i say. He still a kid!

Finally he fall in sleep during the car ride back to home.

aww he is so peaceful and cute while sleeps.

Holding his little hand make me wanna take a bite so badly.

I wanna have my own adorable kids too ;'(
but, better not as naughty as Keeve boy. Hahas
I still love them, xoxo.