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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
bday lunch,bestfriend&happiness
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sunday noon; sunny.

birthday lunch with my best friend "Queennie" & her cute chubby bf :D

outing with them always make me happy,
because i can go whenever i wanna go and try out whatever i wanna eat :)

A famous bakery restaurant called "Levain Boulangerie Patisserie"

impressed with the design& decoration.

another hidden gem around the area.

exactly where i loves to hangout and enjoy a lovely Sunday.

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie:
No7, Jalan Delima,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Service Hour: Mon-Sun 8am to 8pm

Lovely interior and ambiance.

&packed with people. I assume, the foods is simply delicious, perhaps.
& yes it is true.

This is the reason why it is famous, and crowded!
Fresh, stone oven breads!

smell so yummy, taste even better, i guess.
because i didn't try the bread yet. Ha :D

and you will see almost every single person,
have a plate of their bread, as their breakfast, or lunch.

So cute, and looks so yummylicious that i so wanna lick on it :P

Ehh, for sure need to go back, just to try their breads!

Fancy dessert bar definitely wink my evil smile,
especially while i notice they sell MACAROON!!!
It is a must, a superrr must to buy it every time i see macaroon :)

If i can eat 1 macaroon per day, my life is heaven.

Ehh impossible tho, macaroon is pricey!

Even have a Chocolate Bar!
Awesome. What else can i say.

This place have everything to satisfied your craving,
maybe not yours, but for sure is mine!

The entrance, the counter, the menu.

Line never stop,
so pretty much i can sure this is a great place with load of good feedback&recommend.

Waiting on the line & discussing about the food choices.

The Menu.
from breads, beverages, to salad, soup and pasta and even fresh oven pizza
They have it all!

Reasonable price too.

While waiting, cam-whore is a must (:

Correctly to be said,
they have four dining session.

This is one, next to the dessert bar,
another one is outdoor,
one is at entrance,
another one is at second floor.

This is a self-service restaurant.
So, after paid, you have to go this beverages bar, wait on the line, and get your drinks.

of cause you need to hold and carry the foods on your own too,
hey, it is self service :D

I decided to let my best friend do the work ^^
because my long dress will really slip me while stepping on the floor.
no kidding, i really will fall down and knock my head to the floor.

we ordered Mango juice, berry juice and cappuccino? i forgot lols

Drinks are sugar free, so make sure you grab a bag or two of sugar before sitting down.

Potato Salad - RM5.90

Eh, i thought will be some cooked potato,
well it is not.

It is cold, and we don't likey :P

Wild Mushroom Chicken Soup - RM6.90

Very creamy, and a lots of mushroom.
Very tasty (:

Seafood Spaghetti - RM9.90

Light flavor, and not bad.
Kinda small portion too.

I remembered, while we're still at primary school,
once people tell us we look alike.
I totally agree too, actually :)

love how we always smile like the twins ^_^

but i am much more chubbier ;(
Gain more weight, Queennie! (with an angry face*)
HAHA jks

chatting & laughing about what we saw from facebook video the whole time.

and then decided to leave our ass off the seat,
because we need to go counter and ask where the hell is my macaroon that i ordered.

& damn she is even taller than me now.
ha next time i'm gonna wear my 4inches high heel too.
LOLS of cause won't and not.
because i will flip and fall like the biggest dumbo :D

actually, i wanna say,
heart this photo :)
it makes me smile.

Hello my cute, strawberry flavor macaroon :)

Actually, i ordered two pieces.
But damndamndamn! i drop one while i was on my way toward the seat,
blehhhhhh blehhh screw myself for so clumsy, all the time.

1 macaroon = RM3.30

forget about another drop pieces, at least i got one left.
Ha so happy super happy i love macaroon!

My number 1 dessert it is macaroooooooooooooon!

nomore cupcakeeeeees, so sweet. haha

wanna share half with my gal,
but then i crack it real ugly accidentally ;P

The middle red part is strawberry jam :)

I think this macaroon is a bit sweeter than what i've in New York City.
But still tasty so i don't care

The backyard/garden of the restaurant,
so peaceful and lovely

awww superrr adorable!

i must be the bride's maid if you guys marry, okay?

Ask her permission to take pix together w her boyboy
ha & i say i will lend her my Astroboy too

Her bf and Astroboy both loves lego :)

i would loves & prefer to dine my lunch here.
perfect spot for high tea, bread and magazines!

Another dining session before you enter the door.

Goodbye Levain, and i will be back with more friends and family!

went to Pavilion afterward.

& saw this superr duperr cute fairytale Christmas theme.

So beautiful!

Hopefully, one year,
we can spend Christmas together & have bunch of joy ^^

In my memory,
never ever have i spend it with you ;(

&i bought this fun&cute Christmas theme headband :)
for only RM6

Can't wait, can't waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit for 25th!

then i tell myself,
if i own a house in my future,
must, a must! with my beloved or family,
i want to have a small Christmas tree, or some Christmas lighting/decorations in my house!
I love the process.
From choosing the decorations, and we decorate the house together,
so much joy so much fun so lovable :)

Self timer without remote, still work perfectly :)

After a while,
Queennie and her bf went into a bakery shop where i mention the cake was so cute long time ago,
and i was like :"hey! don't ever think of buying me the cake.okay?"
and she is like:"well, it is up to them, not me"

then they bought the cake!

i actually feel so touch inside my mind :P

You can tell, i'm superrrrrr happy, like a kiddo.

keep playing and turning around with the cake,
the cake is like a piece of art,
so lovely and charming.

Flavor:Chocolate, with white cheese & strawberry.
from, Delectable by Su
@ Pavilion 6th floor.

It cost RM55

:D so ready for some cake time!

Surprisingly, it taste goooooooooood.
especially when chocolate mix with white cheese and strawberry.

oh, the cake is so hard to cut too haha

Queennie told me, you're the one wanna buy the cake for me.

thanks you so much aww ;)
i really appreciate it!

lego for u okay!

I forgot to say thanks you, to you that day.
i want to said it so badly.
but i was shy.

i hope you understand, deep down my heart,
nothing beats a real moment when a best friends try to make me happy for the berday.
always, enjoy every moment with you.

thanks you
girl ^^

&your thoughtful gift.
hahahs i do miss new york city. damnyou :P
a thoughtful mind make the perfect cake,
perfect smile from the birthday girl :-)

Exactly by 8pm,
a fake bubbly snow begins :)

i misses the real snow, the real christmas tree, i misses you nyc.

Goodbye Pavilion.
another great day here,
with my gals.
never failed :)

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