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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Bday love from Astroboy ♥
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right on the day of my Birthday,
i went & pick up this box parcel from my loved one, Astroboy.

my heart almost stop beating while opening the box
too much excitement!

He always & will, self made me a card
for every month's anniversary and important day likes this.

trust me,
even me doesn't have the patient or mood to hand-make any card

for a man to do such things,
i believe he is truly in love,
and honestly have the potential to be a great lover :)

Regardless of all the cards he made before,
the card is superr unique and very different.

This is not a card telling how much he misses or loves me.
This is not a card that will fully cover by our pictures.

This is a card,
where he read and cut off the images from different newspaper or magazines.

He did it,
Just to make a little booklet about places where he wanna takes me to,
in our to-do list, in our future.

Except the travel places he wanna take me to,
he also make couple pages about the houses where he will try hard to make it come true

"our future house"

The dream house, the ideal living environment, the lovely atmosphere and furniture.

Babe, if we're just 2 person madly in love,
houses are just a side factor that link us both even better& stronger.
so, who cares about the luxury living housing?

A love letter to me, is a must, of cause, every time ^^

& my birthday gift.

pearl have always be my love.
He knew it already.
So he brought me a lovely pearl necklace as my bday gift.

My pearl collection, all brought by him :)

He bought the necklace from the same place where he got me bracelet,
for 1st month anniversary.

Loving and can't wait to wear it on my bday dinner with my family!

it was so adorable.
it match with the silver diamond necklace my dear mother bought me =)

besides the superr adorable card, lovely pearl necklace,
he also gave me this photo frame, which suppose to have light at night.

The photo was taken during my college, bachelor degree's graduation.

I ♥ IT

gracies, babe! a million billion thankssssssiesss!

Hoping, as what u promise,
you won't miss any other of my birthday anymore.
okay dokey?

I will remembered every single things that you've done for me.
It was precious & priceless and full with love!