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Saturday, November 27, 2010
Bday dinner @ Fitou Brasserie
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To me, birthday is great. Actually, it is beyond great!
because it a chance or an excuse for me to meet my friend or having family gathering
& enjoying nice dinner.

The age of 23,
i wasn't scare at all, to be frankly.

The number, is like a reminder.
that i should enjoy and cherish everything i have now,
and try my hardest to live the life to the fullest.

My long time no meet girlfriend brought me to this beautiful & lovely place,
that i never been to, or even know about this place at all.

It is called, Waterfront @ Desa Park City.

It was actually a residence area.
Mostly, only people who live at that area know about this place.

Ehhh... yea, that night was heavily raining = ="

My friend recommended this "Fitou Brasserie" restaurant.
Because she loves the outside dining area,
so cozy , comfy and cheezyyy.

Too bad, due to the raining,
we have to sit under somewhere with roof. Ugh.

Loving the ambiance,
and the garden-feel view.

Chinese and other cuisine's restaurant were just right next to our's.

Cheeeeeeeeeeers girl!
Finally we meet again after 2 years (:
So much updates and gossip needed to be chat.

Damn. Should really order beer instead of some cranberry or lime juice.

Hey, i think i am proud to say i am 23 years old ^^
it just feel great knowing i'll be starting my own journey soon.

Appetizer - The pumpkin soup.

It doesn't taste bad at all actually,
but both of us never really a pumpkin fans ;P

Wild Mushroom Soup.

yummmyyyyyy i must say =)

Salad - Farmer Garden.

At first, i do wanna order my favorite Ceasar Salad.
But then, i am like, i should really try something else since this is one of the salad they recommend.

It was mixed with bacon meat, shrimp, potato, tomato and vegetable of cause.
Vinegar was a bit heavy.

We almost finished the salad, except the bacon.
Kinda too heavy as a salad, as a appetizer too, we think.

Main Course - Prawn Aglio Olio
RM 24.00

Whoaaaa. I love this spaghetti ^o^
especially with the tiny chili things they side with,
so spicy yet so delicious!

Main Course - Rack of Lamb
RM 53.00

Expensive, i know.
But the meat is so tender.

I think lamb is the only meat i will order in Western dining.
Because i am not really a steak' fans.

My girlfriend of the night - Whitney.

We talks so much, yet laugh at each other too.

I hope she ace the interview and able to get the job she wants.
I hope she can succeed of what she is trying so hard to achieve now.

Perfect spot for beer and chit-chatting session.
Ehh, rain just ruin everything.

A super nice park just for the resident people who live there.

Fulfill one of the requirement of my ideal future houses.
Because i love to walk the park after dinner.

Lovely restaurant, tasty dinner & relaxing side walk-board.

A Mediterranean cuisine restaurant located in the Waterfront at Desa Park City, KL.
Open 7 days a week from 12pm to 12am except Sundays when we open at 8.30am for our Breakfast buffet.

Oh yea, a great promotion too.
Breakfast are free for kids, only during the morning hours!

Address : Lot GF 2, The Waterfront @ Park City 5 Persiaran Residen, Desa Park City
52200 Desa Park City,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Tel : +(6)03-6280 8978

Interesting huge display of different wine&beer.
& cute chalk-board at the kitchen too.

Interior of the restaurant.
& live band performing nice music too :)

After dinner, regularly wanna go next door to buy new zealand' ice cream.
Too lazy LOLS
so, we decided to order two tea to warm our body,
and continue our chitchat.

Earl grey is so much better than English garden!

Damn. That tea such big bowl for only RM7.00

We sat there for nearly 3 hours.
No rushing at all.
Very enjoyable.

Total bill of the night : RM170.00

After dinner, just realized i have so little picture for that night.
so just trying to pose at every single corner i can find.

This is the entrance of the restaurant.

Thanks babe for the asos cute maxi dress.
As u know, maxi dress is my love :)
especially, with floral pattern.

oh yea, belt from asos too.

i guess nobody can tell i actually curl my hair that night, right?
Ehh, still, blame on the rain!
The silly weather turn my curly hair back to straight @@

On the way back home.

An enjoyable dinner and lovely friends satisfied my night (:

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