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Monday, October 25, 2010
visiting aunt's
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last Saturday night,
super tired after work, because of the illness.
Go home, take a hot shower, and go out with brother to another family gathering.

It is my mother's sister's son's 12 years old birthday.
& they just move in to a new house.

Last year, my aunt once suggest my mom to buy this new house.
But my brother say no.
Because the area was way too far from the city.

Now, after we visiting this new house.

too bad we missed the chance,
the house's price go way up& superrr expensive now.

trying to catch the little time skype-ing with Astroboy,
before i leave.

Babe, i miss you too :(

@ Taman Sen Len.
Kinda far from my house ehhhhhh.

Really nice house & neighborhood. I love it.

Spot the house with red tank? It was my aunt's.

Bright, clean & neat!
Awww such huge space too.

Hello, my long time no see's relatives :')
including my lovely mother's mom.

Loving the cute floral chair

Me & brother love this house more&more while we visiting each floor.

It have 3 floor total.

Wii spot!

Old/Elder people loves this area!

Living room full of the kids & the birthday boy.
& presentsssssss!

Everybody is busy-ing updating each other's lives.

Love Chicken Wings. What more. Even in love with bbq chicken wings!
damn damn it taste damn good!

Due to my illness, i can only eat 1. damnit.

In love with my new chiffon bracelet :')