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Saturday, October 2, 2010
silly "crap" day
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went to work in the morning.
& leave around 4pm so i can go meet Queenie @ Times Square for our movie date :)

It is like once per week I have to meet her,
she is currently my movie/foods/shopping buddy ^_^

Since last month, i been so excite about Julia Robert's new movie - "Eat,Pray,Love"
So we went to purchase 7pm movie ticket,
& then i lost the ticket!

Seriously, WTF?

Re-buy tickets. But not Eat,Pray,Love.

We watched "Legend of the Guardians" at the end.
Really a cute movie
I turn out likes it alot :D

I really need to get rid of this really bad habit of me,
I always lose things accidentally.

When will I ever learn to take things seriously and take good care of them :'(

Meet @ Times Square & walked a long way to Pavilion, again.

Pavilion now become my favorite shopping/movie/food mall.
I enjoy walking in the huge space/clean/neat/bright hall.

& they have many different cuisine&restaurants that i need to try them all out!

UNIQLO launch soon in Malaysia!
I start notice some Uniqlo ads stick on the buses :D

UNIQLO was locate at this new shopping mall called "Fahrenheit 88"

Next time, i gotta go there & take a look for sure!

Loving the new top purchased at Times Square, which only RM25!

I really think i will go back&buy more. Ha =D

Awwww! Finally i found cupcakeeeeeeeeeeees in Malaysia :)
Kinda pricey tho. But i don't mind buy some and see how it taste like.

Half dozen cupcakes cost $27? Wow.

But, they have Tiramisu flavor cupcakeeeeee!
So cool.

Hey, Astroboy. You used to be my dessert provider, remember?

Went to 6th floor, Pavilion to have late lunch, before movie.
This is Hong Kong's cuisine.

Likes it! Especially the open window's background :)
& the seats is so comfy.

I think my girl looks pretty here :P
& she is drinking Astroboy's favorite red bean ice. Haha

My drink.
Lychee & sour flavor with one scoop of ice cream.

Queenie wanna try out the mirror shoot.

Oh yea, the LED dot light on the window change colors every second!

My cheesy lollipop!

Ugh :/
Can't say it taste bad, but not good neither.

I only ate one.

Went to the bookstore trying to look for room decorate magazine & Thailand travel guide.
Because i will have my own room in couple months
& a short trip to Bangkok in November ^^

Too bad, they do not have what i want in the store :(

Queenie! I accidentally delete the photo you took for me while i was reading book.
I love that suppose-to-be my profile pix's!
UGHHHHHHHHH i want that photo back. Damn it.


You have to help me re-take it next time, okay?

Hey my girl,
thanks for busy helping me search for the magazines :)

Found this cute dessert/candy store next to the bookstore.

I still remembered how excited i was grabbing Queenie's hand
& run there immediately while i saw this store.

Wow. Look-a-like Macaroon cake? Ha.
I want the real macaroon so badly!

While i saw the soft candy's lollipop,
I think of him, the lollipop's fan.

I wanna buy and hit your head with it. Ha :D

Before, i wasn't planning on those buying those.
Oh well, although i want to, in my mind.

Then, Queenie keep persuade me to buy it = ="
So, yes i bought the trifle!

Peach Trifle, RM10.

The bottle&ribbon was so adorable.
But too bad it taste so-so/bad.

Oh yea, my gal's definitely a quick learner!
Because she took this shot & photos below :)

Went to Parkson trying to buy some girl's stuff.
& we was actually in a fitting room.

My girl is now currently become my photographer. Ha :)

Profile Pix!
Awwww loves this.
I look like a naturally happy kiddo when it comes to dessert :D

I hopes both of us, can keep like this,
after many many years,
no matter where we are, no matter what happen,
we still be close&happy likes now.

Can we?

- Hey Astroboy, I loves how we always webcam & blog together at the same time :-)